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9 Common Commercial Door Problems That Need a Repair

Here are nine of the most common commercial door problems and how you can fix them. Your business’ safety should be your top priority, starting with the entrance. By securing entrances, you can protect yourself, your employees, and your stock from potential threats.

Installing a solid access control system is always a great starting point. But it’s essential to maintain your doors and security systems regularly to avoid any future problems. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of common commercial door problems that you might come across at some point down the line:

Speedy Locksmith offers commercial door repair services for businesses facing electrical issues with their access control systems.

common commercial door problems

Commercial door repair services fix issues with electrified hardware and electronic security systems. These tools are necessary to maintain control over who enters your building, but if there’s an electrical issue, like a power failure or damaged wiring, they become completely useless. That’s where we come in – we can troubleshoot the security system so that it starts working correctly again and do preventative maintenance to ensure that the system stays operational long-term.


  • Door Warpage

Metal doors warp in the summer, and wooden doors get damaged when exposed to too much moisture–this is called warping. If a door becomes warped, you’ll have to replace it; fortunately, you can prevent this by maintaining your doors regularly.


  • Traffic Wear

High foot traffic causes many door repair issues because of the constant wear and tear. If a door experiences high traffic, its components can break down quickly.


  • Hinges and Pivots

Your doors’ hinges and pivots are the most crucial components to keep an eye on. Responsible for making the door swing open and close properly; they will break down over time from use. A clear sign that these need servicing is when the door squeaks loudly. Professional door repair services can replace hardware, so your doors function as well as when they were first installed.

common commercial door problems

Issues Closing Due to The Door Closer

Inefficient or damaged doors offer no security for your building and leave it vulnerable to intrusion. There are several possible causes, including damage to the door, hinge wear-out, or locking hardware breakage, but one of the most common issues is the door closing itself.

A door closer is a device that limits how far a door can open or close. It works by preventing the door from opening too comprehensively (back check) and permitting smoother closing (sweep speed). The latch speed determines the final few degrees of closure.

The speed of a door is crucial for various reasons, mainly because you don’t want the door to shut too quickly. There are ways to change the latch speed depending on what type of door closer you have, but occasionally it’s time for an upgrade.

If your business doors aren’t opening or closing as they should be, then your employees’ safety and the security of your building are in danger. Luckily, our commercial locksmiths and door security specialists can test a door closer and make any necessary adjustments or replacements.

By offering free security risk assessments, we help protect your business from future risks. Old text: Don’t let something wrong happen to your company- contact us today!


Why You Should Consider Commercial Door Repair: Common Issues

Doors are crucial in any business, facility, or establishment. They come in different materials, such as steel and wood, which makes them susceptible to damage from constant use. Business owners can prevent wear and tear on their doors by investing in commercial door repair services from dependable companies. Although problems with commercial doors are pretty standard, many people are unaware of the usual issues that require repairs. By reading this blog, you will better understand these kinds of problems.


1.   Power Issue

Commercial sectional or roll-up doors that are electrically operated or automated require an appropriate power source. If your door is not operating as it should, the problem could be with the power supply. This might necessitate commercial door repair from a professional technician.

common commercial door problems

2.   Broken or Damaged Track

When a commercial overhead door’s tracks are askew or damaged, the door cannot be opened or closed correctly. By frequently inspecting your garage door, you can fix any issues before they become significant problems. You can easily detect if something is off by visually checking the track for unusual gaps between itself and the rollers. In most cases, misaligned tracks are caused by sections and rollers.


3.   The door Fails to Open

Because commercial overhead doors are so heavy, each one is equipped with a torsion spring system to assist in opening and closing the door. If spring breaks, you’ll likely have difficulty lifting the door or even pushing the ‘open’ button. In this situation, it would be best to set up a commercial door repair appointment at your earliest convenience.


4.   Spring and Cable Damage

Torsion springs and cables are what make commercial roll-up doors function. If either part fails, the door will no longer open or close. Therefore, regular maintenance is essential to keep these components in good condition.


5.   Damaged Panel or Section

Don’t worry if the commercial door’s face is damaged–you don’t need to buy an expensive replacement. It’s possible to replace just the broken panel or section of the door. In this case, you should book a commercial door repair appointment as soon as possible.


6.   Worn Rollers

Over time, commercial door rollers will experience wear and tear that can make them less effective. Additionally, dirt and debris can get caught in the door roller mechanism, further affecting performance. If you’re experiencing any issues with your commercial door roller, a repair professional can help resolve the problem.

common commercial door problems

Why Call for Commercial Door Repair?

Maintaining your commercial roll-up doors is crucial to keeping your business running smoothly. If something seems off with your door, it’s important to schedule professional repair services as soon as possible. Investing in commercial door repair provides numerous benefits, the main ones being safe for your employees and protection for your business’s belongings.

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