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Change The Locks When Moving To A New Home

You’ve Got a Brand-New Place to Stay!

It’s a great moment when you move into a new home. A fresh start, a new beginning, and lots of things to accomplish… One of the first tasks on that list should be to change the locks on your new house as soon as possible to keep your property, family, and valuables safe. 


Who Has the Key?

You’ll need to change the lock on your new property because you don’t know who else has a key. You may not know who previously lived in the house after you’ve moved in, whether it was a previous owner or renters. The previous vital holders might have handed keys out to their relatives, contractors, estate agents, pet sitters, neighbors, or anybody else.

You may have no idea who has access to your home. Those with a key may easily target your house for an attack and steal your valuables as soon as you move in. You might not be aware, but many burglars who used a door to enter used the front door as an entry point. As a result, changing the locks should be at the top of your list when you acquire a new property.

change the locks

Locks should be changed every five to seven years.

In an ideal world, your home’s locks should be replaced every five to seven years to minimize the chance of difficulties and maintain the locks up to date to have the most significant level of security.

When you change or move into a new home, you have no idea when the keys were last changed. The locks might be obsolete and defective if changed more than seven years ago. You don’t want your house stranded outside (or even inside) due to faulty locks! 


Consider the Possibilities of Insurance

Another incentive to change your locks when you relocate is that it might void your insurance. If someone breaks into your home using a key they previously obtained because no forced entry was used, your home insurance may be invalidated.

Some firms may still pay for your claim, but most homeowner insurance policies necessitate forced entry into your house to settle a claim. Are you curious about what else might invalidate your insurance? Find out if your locks are safe to use now. 


Kwikset Standard Deadbolt

Ensure all your locks are rated to Kwikset Standard Deadbolt to obtain the most significant security for your house. You not only have insurance coverage if you have all of your locks rated to Kwikset Standard Deadbolt, but it gives you peace of mind that the locks are of high quality and will keep your belongings safer and protected.

change the locks

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Always Remember

It’s critical to safeguard your home, whether it’s your first day on the property or you’ve lived there for ten years. You want to keep your house and valuables safe and sound, whether it’s your first day there or you’ve been there ten years. You are keeping your family and yourself secure from harm by ensuring that your locks are replaced and maintained at a high level.

Consider what locks you’ll need to change. Keep in mind your front and back doors, garage and conservatory doors, and any windows you may have. Keep an eye on issues or damage that could enter and update your security if required. Are there any more home security suggestions you can think of? 


When Should You Change Your Locks?

There are other occasions when you should change your locks, not just after you move in:

  • When your lock is damaged, you should have it changed right away so that you do not experience similar difficulties in the future.
  • This might indicate that someone has attempted to break into your house when your lock is damaged. To keep your home secure, it’s ideal if you change your locks as soon as possible in this situation.
  • To avoid an unforced entry and keep your house secure, it’s critical to change your locks if your keys have been stolen or lost. Did you know that almost 20 million USA homeowners have ever misplaced at least one set of keys every year? With over so many burglaries reported in different cities this year, replacing your locks is vital if you lose yours.
  • If your house or another home in the neighborhood has already been robbed, you will likely have another break-in soon. Maintaining an eye on your security is critical to reducing the chance of a second burglary.


Do you need to change your locks? Call a Locksmith is where it’s at.

We at Speedy Locksmiths are dedicated to assisting you in keeping your property secure, which is why we constantly improve the security content on our website. We want to make sure that you have the most up-to-date information to make the best security decisions.

If you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to help you out!

change the locks


For several reasons, it would help if you changed the locks when moving to a new home. Keeping your home and belongings safe is essential, and changing the locks is one way to do this. If you have any questions about changing your locks, don’t hesitate to contact a Speedy locksmith for assistance.

To learn more about how to Get To Know Why Should You Change The Locks When Moving To A New Home, visit the website of Speedy Locksmith or click here

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