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Find The Best Ways to Secure Your Sheds

Many people use their sheds to store more than just bikes and pool cleaning supplies – motor vehicles, boats, and gardening tools are also commonly kept in these structures. Unfortunately, since they’re often considered less secure than the main house (and usually provide access to the rest of the property if they have an attached door), your shed makes a good target for burglars.

secure your sheds

How to best secure your shed?

It is essential to have a shed that is adequately protected. By taking these security measures, you can deter thieves and be confident knowing your belongings are safe.


1.     Make it difficult for trespassers to access your shed

A secure gate with reliable locks and a solid fence will act as a deterrent to intruders.


2.     Keep your shed locked at all times

Always lock your shed, even when you’re only leaving it unattended for a short time. An open shed is an invitation to opportunistic thieves.


3.     You may want to consider replacing old locks

If your lock is damaged or aged. Traditional locks are more resistant to water and rust, so a high-quality hasp and padlock would be ideal. 

secure your sheds

4.     Check your shed to ensure that it is structurally sound

To keep your possessions safe and burglars out, check for any damage around your sheds, like broken windows or loose panels. Also, fill in gaps in the roof and fence.


5.     Be sure to lock the door behind you

If your shed door is ajar, close it. Rodents, insects, and stormy weather can enter through an open door, in addition to burglars.


6.     Make sure to check the hinges

The easiest way to ensure that your hinges are safe is by using coach bolts or non-returnable security screws.


7.     Inspect your windows

Fantastic natural lighting isn’t the only upside to windows—they can also act as entry points for criminals. If your shed has windows, make sure they’re small enough that burglars can’t fit through them, or reinforce them with wire mesh.


8.     It would help if you had plants around your shed

Keep thieves at bay by planting thorny bushes and spiky plants around your shed. Also, trim shrubs that have grown too tall in your garden so that someone cannot hide behind them.


9.     Make Some Noise

Graveling the walkways will make it easier to hear footsteps approaching.


10.  Keep your windows covered

You can keep your belongings hidden and pry your eyes by investing in window treatments like curtains or blinds. Plus, during the hot months, they can help regulate the temperature inside your shed.


11.  Ladders should be stored away

Storing a ladder in your yard is an advertisement to burglars that you have a multi-story house.


12.  Organize and secure your belongings

Keep your expensive equipment out of plain sight using a lock-and-lock cubby system. Store away tools such as ladders, hammers, and screwdrivers that burglars could use. All lawnmowers, bicycles, and motorcycles should also be chained. But don’t forget – buying a strong lock from a reputable locksmith is just as important because if the lock isn’t strong enough, it might break, and your belongings could still be stolen.

secure your sheds

4 Ways to Keep Your Shed Safe and Secure

Thousands of dollars worth of items are stored in your shed, so taking preventive measures is crucial to keep everything inside safe and secure. You don’t want all your money wasted because of avoidable damage! Good news – you don’t have to spend a fortune to improve security and safety!

Sheds are prone to damage and theft if not adequately secured, so reinforcing your shed is essential. In this article, we’ll talk about four ways to increase security without spending much money.


1)   Examine its structural integrity

Unfortunately, criminals might take advantage of your shed’s weak spots to break in and steal your belongings. These weaknesses could be in the form of easy-to-access areas or Structural flaws like joints. Repairing these minor damages makes it much more difficult for robbers to access and loot your shed.

Securing your windows is essential, not just for aesthetics but safety too. Check to see if the window’s hooks and latches are in good condition–if they’re not, replace them. You can also make it more difficult for someone to break in by using tamper-proof screws. Additionally, planting thorny bushes beside your windows will deter thieves who want an easy job.


2)   Update to stronger accessories

Easy-to-break padlocks make unsecured sheds an easy target for burglars. Upgrade to a weather-proof lock, like the closed-shackle variants, which will take longer to break through.

The extra effort might deter them from going through with the burglary. If your door is loose or the hinges are exposed, it’s time to replace them. This will deter thieves, as new door hinges cannot be unscrewed as easily. To do this, purchase coach bolts or carriage screws.


3)   By installing more lighting, you will make it easier to see

Many thieves are attracted to dark, dimly-lit areas near farmhouses because they offer more opportunities for successful looting. Property owners would be none the wiser about what is happening without any lights.

Invest in proper lighting inside and around the perimeter to protect your shed and belongings. A motion-detector sensor will turn on a security light if someone steps into the range of the detector, providing an extra layer of protection for your shed. These sensors don’t require human attention, so you can be assured that your shed is being watched even when you cannot check outside yourself.

secure your sheds

4) If you have any transparent glass, be sure to cover it

Thieves often target sheds with uncovered glass surfaces because they can easily see if there are any valuables inside. If they spot something worth a lot of money, it becomes an easy decision to rob your shed. Investing in low-maintenance privacy films increases the chances that burglars won’t be able to see inside your shed. If they can only see using a flashlight, they’ll likely get caught because of the light.


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