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How To Choose The Best Door Locks for Rented Properties

At Speedy Locksmith, we understand that tenants expect their homes to be safe. As landlords, we are responsible for providing safe living conditions for our tenants. This means making sure all doors and windows are secure and have functional locks. These measures can help ensure that our tenants feel safe while living in our properties.


If you don’t take proper precautions to protect your tenants from crime, they may be able to:

Move out without giving any notice or risk of future repay you for failing to adhere to your landlord-tenant obligations by the locks and deduct the necessary expenses from your rent. Holding back rent till you’ve resolved the problem

None of these possibilities is desirable. Door locks come in different designs and sizes. With so many aspects to consider, how will you choose the best door locks for your rental property? Here are a few key factors to consider while selecting the finest door locks for rentals.

best door locks

1- Security

You want to acquire a lock for your investment property to provide adequate protection. You’re looking for locks with specific characteristics. The following are some examples:

Choose a door resistant to kicks and battering rams to protect your home from forced entry best. A good door will also be bump-key resistant and harder to overpower. Finally, you want to buy something that offers anti-drill protection.


2- Key Control

As a landlord, you know it’s tricky to keep track of keys when tenants move in and out. They can make copies at the hardware store without your knowledge. Even putting “DO NOT DUPLICATE” on the key doesn’t always stop them from making extras.

So, what’s the best solution for this widespread problem? Consider purchasing a patented key. Nobody will be able to duplicate it if you make this purchase.

best door locks

3- Rekeying

Following each tenant change, ensure that you rekey your property. Some locks can be more easily rekeyed than others; a great example is the Kwikset Smart Key cylinder, which consists of handles, deadbolts, and knobs.

The ease of rekeying means you can change keys without even needing the services of a locksmith. However, other types of locks (such as the U-Change lock) usually compromise security to some degree when rekeyed.

4- Frequency of use

It’s easy to see how rental property experiences more wear and tear than an average home. After all, metal locks work by sliding over other metallic surfaces, which can cause significant damage over time. This is why it’s essential to have them serviced regularly. For a more robust lock, find one that can handle more keys and handle turns.


How to Pick the Ideal Door Locks for Your Home or Office?

Here’s our review of some popular tenant agreement options if you’re a landlord.

Landlord Locks

This type of lock resembles a standard door handle at first glance. However, you will notice that it has several distinguishing characteristics. The easily replaceable inner cylinder is one such feature.

You can change the cylinder with a backup model if it gets damaged or when tenants move out. You may also exchange it for repairs at the company for a modest cost.

Not only do these types of locks provide additional security, but they can also be linked to your master key. This means you will have access to all your properties with just one key when necessary.

That said, there are some drawbacks to consider. It’s dangerous to have one key that can access all of your properties, for example. Can you picture someone else having a master key?


  • Easily replaceable inner cylinder.
  • Can be linked to a master key for easy access.


  • One key has access to all properties.
  • May be difficult to change without the help of a professional.
  • Bump-Proof Locks.

best door locks

Keypad Locks

An increasingly popular option, keypad locks are as their name suggests–they use a keypad. The lock is opened by lining up numbers on the keypad with those of the wave. Some types also allow for a physical key in addition to or instead of the code.

Keypad locks are beneficial for a plethora of reasons. For example, they lock automatically as soon as you close the door, so you don’t have to stress about your tenant forgetting to do it themselves.

Moreover, keypad locks solve the problem of tenants losing keys. Also, most importantly, these locks support various passcodes. Therefore, if your tenant mistakenly locks themselves out, you could give them a backup code so they can get back in.


  • Locks automatically.
  • No worries about lost keys.
  • Supports multiple passcodes.


  • If the keypad malfunctions, you may be locked out as well.
  • May require a professional to install.
  • Fingerprint Locks.


Kwikset Smart Keys

This key makes rekeying the locks easy, so you don’t have to hire a locksmith. That way, you can change the keys when your tenant moves out.

To rekey your unit with Kwikset Smart Keys, you’ll need a functioning key, a learning tool, and a new key. You only have to perform two things after your tenant vacates the premises. One is to insert the functioning key and then the learning tool, which “factory resets” the lock’s memory.

Step three is to insert the new key into the lock and “teach” it what the new key will be. 


  • Inexpensive.
  • It is easy to change keys.


  • If you lose the key, you’ll have to hire a locksmith.

best door locks

There are many different types of door locks to select from, and knowing which one is appropriate depends on your situation. Not only will the correct door lock make it simpler for you to get in and out, but it will also be utilized by your tenant daily. As a landlord, this gives you the benefit of being able to secure your properties more effectively and conveniently.

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