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Tips To Choose an Alarm Security System for Your Business

Check out some tips on how to choose the best alarm security system for your business. Stop by today to learn more!

A company’s security system is its first line of defense against theft, whether from within the business or externally. Without a reliable security system, a business flirts with Catastrophe by opening the floodgates to possible permanent damage, loss, and decreased productivity.

To choose the right commercial alarm security system for your business, ask yourself these questions and follow the steps in this article by our Speedy Locksmith.

No two businesses are the same, so each requires different tools to secure it. Check out the tips below relevant to your business.

Alarm Security System

How to Select a Business Alarm Security System?

  • Take a survey 

When you want to find the best security system for your business, the first step is to survey your facility. If time or budget doesn’t permit you, hire an alarm security company or consultant instead of attempting it yourself. Although hiring others is more expensive, you’re also saving yourself precious time and guarantees that the job will be done correctly too.

Use this security survey checklist to determine the tools you need, where to install them, and which areas require the most attention:

  • Evacuating the building in an emergency
  • The physical aspects of your business
  • Count of employees
  • To gain entry to the building, please use the provided access information.
  • Security vulnerabilities
  • Hours of operation and open days

The following aspects of your business are essential when deciding on an alarm security system.

  • Check out your security provider

After you choose a security system, you must decide if you want to install it or have an alarm security company do it. With a bit of understanding of how these systems work, you might be able to handle installation by yourself. However, taking on that responsibility involves a lot of risk and effort. In specific scenarios, hiring an expert with ample experience and expertise in the industry might be more judicious to have peace of mind. A business you can trust will not only assess your site and recommend an alarm system, but they’ll install it too. Furthermore, they should maintain the security system to ensure it always works correctly. However, before entrusting a company with such responsibility, be sure to research their background.

  • Choose surveillance cameras

suppose you have a lot of foot traffic in your store or your company employs many people. It’s essential to enhance the security of your possessions by using surveillance cameras. A video surveillance system prevents theft and other crimes by continuously monitoring your building. By documenting unauthorized access to valuables, you can present visual evidence that they’ve disappeared. Footage from surveillance cameras can also assist in resolving employee disputes and investigating dishonest claims.

  • Identify how the system will be connected

A professional monitoring system is crucial for responding to an alarm. Checking your system’s connectivity is critical; you don’t want a skilled thief cutting your phone lines first. Some systems also send data to the business owner’s smartphone.

The result is that the alarm’s owner will be instantly notified of a breach and can distinguish whether there was an intentional break-in or if an employee set it off by mistake. Also, try wireless options – they’re not as restricted by walls as wired systems, so they work well inside and out. And finally, go for mobility – it’ll be simpler to reconnect your devices if you move them around later on.

  • Install an access control system

Be sure to ask your security provider how they will distribute access codes. If you don’t manage your passcodes properly, your business will be at risk for security breaches. Ensure that the commercial alarm system allows you to set and update passcodes easily. This will be helpful both when hiring new employees and firing existing ones. You wouldn’t want to give a bitter ex-employee access to your premises. Additionally, consider limiting access to highly private office spaces.

  • Consider the cost of a business alarm security system before making a purchase

A commercial alarm security system is not a small investment, but it’s worth the commitment. Before installing your security system, ensure you have the funds available. And then verify that your vendor can provide appropriate training to prevent false alarms (both costly and inconvenient).

Alarm Security System

Benefits of Alarm Protection

To start, we will explore how it provides fire safety. These systems are automatically set off when the firefighters detect a slight fire sign. As a result, you can find trusted alarm system providers near your area that sell quality products. This means that everyone close by–including emergency personnel–will be quickly notified in the event of an incident.

Medical emergencies are unpredictable but having an alarm system can provide some protection. This is useful for people who have critical illnesses, suffer from accidents often or are elderly. All of these groups are at a higher risk for further injury. With surveillance systems and security alarms installed, they can be remotely monitored in case of future problems.

Thirdly, your initial insurance cost will be lowered if you install an alarm system. A surprising number of incidents occur because of burglary, and as a result, many people install camera systems to catch the suspect more quickly. Since this reduces the amount that insurance companies have to pay, they recently started offering a 20% reduced rate for those covered by a reliable alarm system.

The fourth and final benefit is that your home’s resale value will increase. When you have an alarm system installed, it acts as a security measure for potential buyers, which makes your property more attractive than homes without one. Consequently, this adds value to your home should you choose to sell in the future.

Alarm Security System


Last but not least, an alarm system grants you peace of mind. With an alarm system in place, you’ll experience newfound comfort levels. The initial fear and stress from the previously mentioned situations are dramatically reduced because everything is monitored and recorded.

At Speedy Locksmith, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best commercial security system in Little Rock! We offer various services, including lockout assistance, home security systems, and more. To learn more about how we can help you, call us at (501) 648-6767!

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