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Traditional Locks Vs Smart Locks - Key Differences

Learn the key differences between traditional locks and smart locks to discover how a smart lock can be more secure than a traditional one. One of the most greatest ways to safeguard your home is to install a safety door lock, and there has been an ongoing debate about whether Smart Locks are A) safe and B) more secure than Traditional Locks since they came on the market. We’ll conduct a comprehensive comparison between smart and traditional locks, with a particular focus on which is safer.

traditional locks

Traditional Locks

When we say “Traditional,” we’re talking about the typical locks you’ll find on almost every door; a deadbolts Lock, padlocks, levers, knob locks, etc. These are the locks that you’re already familiar with and will undoubtedly have on your door. To open them, you’ll need a physical key.


Smart Locks

When we say that a lock is “smart,” we’re talking about one operated by your phone or another gadget like a fob. These locks rely on either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to unlock your door and do not require the use of a physical key.

Smart Locks

Door Lock Security

Smart Locks’ most significant issue is that anything connected to the internet can be hacked. So, if you were to install a Smart Lock in your home, there would be a chance someone could break in by hacking the lock. This is one major downfall that all Smart Locks have yet to figure out how to fix.

Traditional locks come in all shapes and sizes, making it hard to know which is right for you. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. This article will discuss two of the most common types of locks: Deadbolts locks and Padlocks. Both are vulnerable to picking, so choosing either one is a gamble.


Short Comings of Traditional Locks

Traditional door locks can be easy pickings for burglars; some argue that they’re just as insecure as—if not more so than—intelligent locks. An experienced professional can break into a house in seconds by snapping a deadbolt lock. You could invest in an anti-snap lock, but it would still be vulnerable to picking. The same goes for mortice locks. However, you could get high-security locks that are both anti-snap and anti-pick.

traditional locks

If you’re thinking about which lock is the most secure for your home, consider if it’s more likely that an intruder will choose your lock or hack it. According to statistics, burglary is a crime of opportunity, so it’s unlikely that an intruder would have planned to break into your intelligent door lock. As previously said, Smart Locks are frequently powered by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi; therefore, there’s always a chance they’ll fail, leaving your property vulnerable.

Security is crucial in your home, so you want to ensure you have the best lock possible. While both options have pros and cons, the other factors might help you decide which is better for you. 


Which One Is The More Convenient Lock?

Smart Locks have a significant advantage in this area. The ability to remotely let people into your home is fantastic, especially if you have kids that tend to lose their keys during the school day. With most people never without their phones these days, it’s a great way to guarantee you won’t be locked out.

If you want to grant access to your home to someone while you’re not there, traditionally, you would have to either trust them with a key or leave one under the mat. However, both can cause security problems because it’s essentially an open invitation for any burglar who finds it. With a perfect traditional lock, if you lose your key or accidentally lock yourself out, whoever else has a key would need to come to your location so that they could let you in.

However, if your phone runs out of juice, has no internet connection, or is disabled via a nearby interference, you may be unable to access a Smart Lock. For this reason, most Smart Locks include a crucial override option, but you might feel that having an actual key will never run out of battery or disconnect from the network. 


Versatility & Control

The Smart Lock industry is booming, and many new products are constantly being released. In terms of versatility, Smart Locks takes the cake when compared to other options on the market. Even though they can be controlled by a phone or other smart device, regular keys usually also work. Some models have fingerprint scanners, while others come with touch sensors that open or close a door. And in terms of connectivity, some Smart Locks can pair up with different smart devices like Amazon Echo.

Different brands offer many options when choosing a keyless entry system for your home. With traditional locks, you can use a key tag, keypad, or mobile phone to control locking activities and see who has accessed your door while you’re away. But with so many different systems on the market today, it’s essential to find one that fits your needs and is easy enough for everyone in your family to use.


Smart Lock vs Traditional Lock Cost

When choosing between a Smart Lock or Traditional Lock, it’s important to remember that generally, Smart Locks cost more. Let’s run through some general prices and what you get for your money. The price will also depend on which door you have. The most basic lock cylinder for a uPVC door costs $40 to $300. This price will differ if you have a wooden door; in that case, you’ll almost certainly need to replace the Yale lock. A Yale Lock replacement entails replacing the cylinder, which starts at $40 and goes up.

Smart Locks


So, what’s the verdict? Which is better for you – a Smart Lock or Traditional Lock? It honestly depends on your needs and preferences. If you’re looking for something more convenient and versatile, then a Smart Lock is probably your best bet. However, a Traditional Lock might be a better option if you’re looking for something more affordable and easier to use. Ultimately, the decision is up to you!

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