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Car Immobilizers - Do You Know How It Works?

Learn how car immobilizers work. And why they’re a valuable investment for your vehicle. Know complete details of how it works. Cars are, without a doubt, one of the most costly items you come into contact with daily. They’re always crowded with them on the streets. And losing one would sting someone’s pocketbook. Car thefts are commonplace. You must be diligent at all times, including ensuring that your automobile is locked. Your keys are secure. You’ve parked safely. Everything in your car is functioning correctly.

Many drivers have become accustomed to watching the road. We all realize that dangers exist. And we’re used to being on high alert all of the time.

That is why automobile-jacking prevention technology is so important. Thieves are clever and inventive, and they will most likely choose the quickest and most accessible target that comes to mind. In terms of vehicle ownership and production, keeping your car safe and challenging to steal is critical.

Car Immobilizers

Cars have had various security systems for hundreds of years. They were initially secured with conventional lock-and-key methods to prevent them from being opened. They also incorporated similar mechanisms in their ignitions, ensuring no one could start the engine without entering the correct key.

Thieves Are Getting Smart, You Need To Be Smarter

Thieves eventually figured out how to hot-wire cars or tamper with the ignition cylinder to start the engine without having the appropriate key, so automobile manufacturers were forced to invent. They couldn’t have their automobiles driven around open parking lots for fear of being targeted by this vulnerable bypass.

That’s when automobile immobilizers enter the picture. So, how can an immobilizer aid in preventing carjackings? Immobilizers only allow the engine to start when the correct key is inserted into the ignition. Any of the typical bypass methods does not defeat engine immobilizers. Cars are a lot safer now than they were in the past.

The essential things to know about vehicle immobilizers are:

  1. How Immobilizers Work and What They Do
  2. Immobilizer Is Safe in the Long Run
  3. Immobilizers Aren’t Safe in Every Situation
  1. How Immobilizers Work and What They Do

Immobilizers are electrical components that only enable the engine to start when your key fob is inserted into your vehicle.

The immobilizer is what starts your automobile if you have a keyless entry system or a smart car key. However, before the engine can start, if you have a key entry system, the immobilizer must identify your battery-powered key fob.

Car Immobilizers

So, how does an immobilizer send this information?

A wireless transmitter reads information from your key fob to the immobilizer. This data is encrypted, so only computers with a specific “encryption key” can access it. The immobilizer has the correct encryption code to open your key fob. And once it decrypts the information, the immobilizer checks for a match.

A rolling code, for example, is an automated key that uses “rolling codes.” These keys still rely on a set, unchanging principle. They keep track of a changing sequence as well. Both gadgets must save two codes at the same time and be able to change the second one when necessary.

What is an immobilizer, and how does it work with this? If the vehicle’s data matches the immobilizer’s system, the machine recognizes that the car was started with a valid key fob. The engine is then allowed to start. Because it is difficult to replace a key fob, they are effective theft deterrents.

We must first comprehend the benefits of immobilizers to understand their drawbacks. Let’s consider: how may an immobilizer contribute to safety?

Immobilizer Is Safe in the Long Run

So, how do you steal a car without getting caught? I’m guessing you’ve never stolen a car before, but regardless, the words “hot-wiring” probably came to mind.

To hot-wire a vehicle, look for the wires that connect the ignition to the engine under the steering wheel. A functioning ignition activates by crossing two wires: one that tells the automobile that the ignition is in “on” mode and another that signals to the car’s starter.

You’ll need to know something about the automobile you’re stealing, so this isn’t a simple procedure. Different versions have various colored wires, and you must know what they are used for. It’s also relatively easy to electrocute yourself while doing this, so please don’t try it at home.

The carjacker first binds the battery wires together. After that, they connect the ignition wire. The automobile is turned on, but it does not start the engine. The starting wire must be connected for this to work. This allows the carjacker to drive his vehicle.

Hot wiring is more difficult because it requires knowledge of the wires in a specific automobile. And the ability not to get electrocuted (which is very easy to do inadvertently). Something had to be done, regardless.

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Car Immobilizers

What are the major components of an immobilizer?

They don’t allow the engine to start when the incorrect wires are connected; unlike wires, they can’t be accessed physically. Hot-wiring a vehicle in the 21st century is typically a bad idea. At best, the car won’t start; at worst, you’ll get shocked.

If you don’t enter the critical fob’s code, the immobilizer will not release. How do immobilizers operate if there is no key fob? They’re pretty effective at grounding a car and preventing it from moving. Even if your key fob isn’t working, your immobilizer will keep your car from starting.

If that’s the case, why did vehicle thefts rise after the 2010s? What are people doing to circumvent these immobilizers and jack cars? How does an immobilizer work to a thief’s advantage?

Immobilizers Aren’t Safe in Every Situation

How does an immobilizer work to the advantage of car break-in assailants if it can’t be physically tampered with?

Carjacking via hacking is how they’re getting into cars with immobilizers. The data exchanged between the transponder and the immobilizer is scrambled, so you’ll need to decrypt it to disable the immobilizer. Immobilizers that have already been disabled have proven themselves to be very vulnerable.

Car Immobilizers


Immobilizers can be a great safety feature for your car, but they are not infallible. If you have an immobilizer, keep it up to date and in good working order, and be aware of how thieves can bypass it.

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