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Common Lock Issues - Its Causes and How Do We Fix Them?

See what causes common lock issues and how you can fix them with the help of a professional. Locks are necessary for the security of a home. The locks are critical to home security, yet they might be inconvenient and even dangerous if they aren’t working correctly. Locks can deteriorate over time and become a threat to security.

A homeowner can address numerous lock issues on their own, while other problems may necessitate the assistance of a professional speedy locksmith. It’s crucial to remember that selecting a local locksmith to collaborate with is preferable to having the work done the first time incorrectly.

Let’s look at common lock problems and what can be done to resolve them.

Common Lock Issues

Locks That Take A Long Time To Open

A sluggish lock might be a pain in the ass. If a homeowner struggles to unlock a door when he inserts the key. Dirt or grease is probably built up in the mechanism. This is also a risk to public safety since no one will be left outside trying to open a door after dark with dirt or grime accumulating inside it.

When the key is inserted into a properly functioning lock, it should work swiftly and efficiently. There is an issue if the lock does not operate in this manner.

Occasionally, a stubborn lock only requires to be cleaned. Every day, the outside of the lock is exposed to debris and grime. This may enter the internal parts of the safety through its surface and work its way down the inner workings. A cotton swab may be used to clean a lock easily.

If the keyhole is dry, spray it with a lubricant like silicone or graphite. This can make the key easier to slide into the latch. It’s not a good idea to apply grease or oil, though. These things might obstruct the lock.

Mechanism That Is Damaged or Ineffective

If a lock has been around for a long time, it may begin to lose its function. Locks can wear down after continuous usage. Lock mechanisms might be complex, and DIY repairs are not advised regularly. A professional locksmith should be considered if you only want to maintain the lock rather than repair it yourself.

The locksmiths at Speedy Locksmith are highly trained to evaluate and resolve the issue if possible. The locksmith will propose a new system if the lock is in a bad condition. This specialist can also ensure that the new system is correctly installed.

Common Lock Issues

The key does not lock the door.

Double-check that you’re using the correct one if the key won’t lock or unlock the door. It’s conceivable that two distinct keys were utilized.

If the correct key is verified, the problem must be investigated to determine which component isn’t working.

If the lock does not turn with a key, there might be an issue with the key. The key could have been damaged or bent. There may be friction in the keyhole that is preventing the key from working correctly. Try lubricating the lock’s keyhole to see if it helps.

Suppose the key swings the lock, close, and check to see if it will keep the door locked. If it does not secure, there may be a problem with the deadbolt mishitting the plate.

If the deadbolt doesn’t strike the plate correctly, if the key or mechanism is faulty, or if there is an issue with the lock itself, a professional locksmith should be called to assess and repair it.

There’s a keyhole, but the key is missing.

A key might break off inside a keyhole if it is old or the lock does not properly secure and released. This may occur due to outdated keys or a faulty lock that does not lock and unlock smoothly. Some individuals may use excessive force to get the key to function when attempting to open a door with an unreliable lock.

If this happens, you’ll need to call in experts or have the whole lock replaced. If the homeowner does not want to replace the lock system, they should seek the assistance of a locksmith. Attempting to repair this issue alone will only result in more aggravation and wasted time.

It is critical not to put off a problem like this. For extended periods, leaving a door lock in this condition might put the safety of a family at risk.

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Common Lock Issues

Door Latches That Aren’t Alike

If the door lock and gate don’t work correctly, there might be a door latch issue. If the door latch doesn’t catch the strike plate perfectly, the door can’t shut securely. This may cause doors to swing open when they are closed. It’s inconvenient and poses a safety risk since the door won’t be adequately locked.

There are several reasons why you might have uneven latches.

  • Doors not adequately installed might lead to ongoing issues with the locks.
  • Heat – In sweltering climes, the heat might harm houses over time. Wood shrinks due to heat and naturally present moisture in the wood are lost as water vapor.
  • Dampness – homes in wet locations can also have problems with their doors and locks. Wood can expand due to moisture, affecting how the locks function and align the latches and plates.
  • Damage- Another element that can influence how locks operate is damage to the door. The latch and plate lineup may be affected if the door is subjected to tremendous force or damaged due to a weather event.

When the latch stops functioning correctly, a professional should replace it appropriately. This could jeopardize the security of your home if left undone.

Door or lock parts that are not secured to the door frame.

The doors and locks in a home have several linked working components. Any of these components becoming loose has the potential to alter how the whole lock functions as well as how the door secures. Even the tiniest part of a lock may impact the entire system.

In a variety of ways, door or lock components may become loose:

  • Overuse: If an item’s components have already been used for a long time, it can deteriorate.
  • If the door has been forced, it might impact how the lock and door components function.
  • Extreme weather conditions such as a tornado, extreme heat, or continual dampness might also damage the components.
  • Seismic activity: If your house is subjected to an earthquake, the locks may be hampered in the future.
  • This is the most common cause of a misshaped bench press. Occasionally, fixing this problem is as simple as tightening any loose parts. For example, the strike plate can be drawn with a screwdriver.

However, if components within the lock became challenging to reach and loosened deep inside the lock, a specialist locksmith may be required.


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