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Investing In High-Security Locks Worth It?

As with most complex issues, the answer will be “occasionally.” The situation also differs depending on whether you’re talking about commercial or residential high-security locks.

high-security locks

All about high-security locks

Customers may inquire about the value of high-security locks in a few different ways. The first consumer may seek a more secure solution while on a budget. High-security locks might not be the best option for that sort of customer. Even regarding locks, the adage “you get what you pay for” is true. Those that want the best possible security are prepared to pay a premium for it. They understand that the lack of a practical locking mechanism could result in expensive items being stolen.

Establish what category of customer you are to decide which door lock best suits your home security needs. Other entry points, such as windows, may be more vulnerable if criminals can’t easily access them. In this case, high-security locks become the best option since they’ve already failed other entry methods.

When referring to a lock as “high-security,” it is necessary to consider several factors. The following are just a handful of essential elements to consider.

Traits of High-Security Door Locks

Drill Resistant

Although this might surprise you, drilling a lock is one of the simplest methods to damage it and get access. Locksmiths employ this method as a last resort. When a lock is prepared, there is generally no turning back.

A Practical criminal will use a drill to gain easy and quick entry. Drilling also conserves the criminals’ energy, as they won’t have to bang their shoulder or foot against the lock forcefully.

There are several reasons why high-security locks cannot be drilled open. However, two methods are most common: anti-drill plates and hardened steel ball bearings. These two approaches prevent the drill from entering the lock or render the exercise ineffective.

high-security locks


In other words, you want a heavyweight lock. The heavier it is, the better off you’ll be. This is because of the material used to create the safety–which is essential. If the producer is trying to save on production costs by using plastics or hollow spaces, your security will be at risk.

A light lock is not secure because it will break easily if struck. Consequently, a cheap broken lock is pointless despite any security measures to stop picking or drilling.

Copying of Keys

Everyone will go through a lockout at some point in life, but the smart ones have copies of keys to avoid being locked out. If you’re worried about security, this is an ineffective way to protect your door from intruders. Multiple key copies increase the chances that a criminal will gain access to your home or office.

As a result, it’s vital to limit the creation of copies. However, what if your key is misplaced and someone copies it before returning it? In that scenario, you’ll need to prevent your keys from duplicating. By ensuring that your high-security lock has patented keyways, you can prevent machines other than the one specified by its manufacturer from making duplicate locks.

Bolt Strength

The metal components of a high-security lock are just as robust and hefty as the metal contents of a wave. A high-security bolt must be strong to prevent criminals from employing their shoulder, a sledgehammer, or similar methods. The criminal aims to overpower the bolt using brute force. Only a heavy bolt can withstand such tremendous bodily power assaults without bending.

Another function of a good bolt is to prevent the device from being cut in two by different types of sawing. As a result, excellent bolt strength protects against brute force and instruments.

High-Security Locks for Residential Properties

If you live in a home and are worried about break-ins but don’t have anything of significant value inside, then high-security locks may not be worth the investment for you. A common misconception is that residential properties need high-security locks to prevent break-ins or theft. However, perpetrators usually gain entrance through open windows and doors. Therefore, having a high-security lock will not do much in this case, as the perpetrator can still access your home through other means.

The following are our top recommendations to secure your home:

There are several ways to make your home more secure, such as adding one-sided deadbolts or upgrading to a higher security brand/type of lock. Alternatively, you could install a comprehensive security solution that includes security cameras and sensors.

These options will provide more robust security and be more cost-effective than a high-security lock, especially if you are dealing with a multifamily dwelling.

If you have something of high value in your home that you need to protect and have taken all other security measures listed above, then installing a high-security lock makes sense. Your door locks are the weakest link in your home’s security system.

high-security locks

High-Security Locks for Commercial Properties

Commercial property is distinct in a few key ways. In many problems, it is reasonable to install a high-security lock. This is due to the high-value cash and goods that many B&M businesses keep on-site and the more extraordinary security features (temper-proof glass, commercial metal doors, fewer windows, etc.) found in general commercial structures.

The expense of installing a security system and the cost of any additional doors or locks you want to protect is typically low. The payment gets pricey regarding regular maintenance and operational costs such as re-keying. If your company has a lot of employee turnover and terminations are handled poorly, you may want to re-key your keys frequently, which might be costly.

Speedy Locksmith is hugely beneficial because it uses a system where only licensed professionals can duplicate keys and need a lock certificate. If you keep the lock certificate safe, then it’s doubtful that an employee will be able to copy the key.

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